Marine Fuel Polishing & Tank Cleaning

Here at The Clean Diesel Company we offer Fuel Polishing and Tank Cleaning Services for your Boat, helping to ensure your fuel is Diesel bug, Water and Contamination Free!

Why The Clean Diesel Company?

Polishing your boats Diesel and cleaning its fuel tank.

We offer a wealth of knowledge and experience in filtration and cleaning of boat fuel tanks.

Our system removes water and contaminants from your fuel tank, offering piece of mind that your fuel is clean and free of any Diesel bugs that affect and can often halt, the performance of your boat.

The process we conduct filters your existing fuel, separating any water and contaminants that are present and cleans your tank, assisting in the prevention of tank corrosion. Once filtered, the Clean Diesel is filtered back in to your tank.

"Boat Engines Live Longer With Clean Diesel Company."

We gain access to your fuel tank through your existing hatches, or we can install a custom made access hatch.

Next we filter your existing fuel and thoroughly clean your tanks. Once we are satisfied that the fuel is water and contamination free, it is then returned in to the clean tank.

diesel tank cleaning

At this stage, our engineer will report on their findings and advise you of their recommendations to maintain clean fuel.

Covering the south coast, our Marine Fuel polishing and Tank Cleaning services are available throughout Hampshire (including the Isle of Wight), Sussex and Dorset. Further areas available- please contact us to discuss your needs and for a quotation.

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